Neoparking is a service dedicated to parkings spots booking and provided by the group Neopark.

Neopark Group

Founded in 2005, NEOPARK is a cutting-edge company on the market of parkings. Thanks to more and more innovative solutions all along the years, we are now one of the biggest intermediary company between motorists and parkings companies. Being able to assist all motorists as well as parking companies in their needs for business solutions and technical assistance is a key feature of Neopark.
Neopark now manages all aspects of parkings: real estate, auditing and consulting, bookings and sales of car park spots.

Our company history

Back in 2005, Neopark launched with success its first website dedicated to the world of parkings : and still active now. Developing new solutions to enable users to look for parkings, Neopark put online in 2006 the first French website of geolocalized parking renting ads:, still online at the moment you are reading this. With a unique business and technical experience about parking and cars big data, Neopark created in 2007 the following website, dedicated to all parking news and won Grand Prix of the jury "Parkopolis" for its mapping of parkings needs and offers in France. To capitalize on the huge sets of data Neopark has accumulated over the years, we launched in 2008 : Parking-public is so far the most complete and up-to-date parking directory in France and Europe with more than 8000 referenced parkings and car parks. In 2009, after huge technical and financial efforts of R&D, the native NEOPARK API, first system ever of parking information gate gatherer is created and integrated in most access manufacturers such as Thales, ACS and Nokia. Où me garer launched in 2010 became quickly the first search portal of parkings and vehicle parking information in France. In 2011, NEOPARK, with all of its parking big data, has created the website NEOPARKING, becoming the first European parking price comparator and booking service of car parks. Easy comparison and booking, user-friendly, efficient. At last a solution for motorists to park their vehicles safely and on time!

Today, Neoparking represents proudly more than 200,000 customers and exceeded more than 25,000 reviews from users accross the world. Our website has become a unique platform for parking promotion and filling the gap between motorists and parking managers.

Automations and booking routines: the future of parkings

Our native automated access systems now allow the yield and direct remote management of all equipped private parkings. Safety is increased, maintenance costs are lowered and parkings spaces and fluxes are managed in real-time! Neopark is now standing à l'avant-garde of parking access technology by allowing management of private parkings to manage demand and vehicles circulation in real-time as well as motorists as to avoid driving in circles to find a spot.