General information :


– What is Neoparking?

The Neoparking Company and neoparking.com both belong to the NEOPARK group, leading group on car park information in France. Our company strives to achieve three goals:

1 – Allow visitors to compare car parks near their destination and according to specific criteria such as price, duration of travel by public transportation (public or personal), VIP booking and availability.

2 – Allow members to enjoy a reserved parking space at competitive prices: each parking operator is committed to offer a discount on price on places allocated to Neoparking.

3 – Allow parking operators to optimize the management of parking spaces and maximize their filling rate.

In partnership with parking operators, we offer a parking comparator in real-time and geolocated. With our reservation system, you can access hundreds of offers and deals make payment directly from your home, online

No more driving in circles to find a parking spot! Neoparking ensures you the tranquility of finding the right parking space for you in the right time.

– Why choosing Neoparking?

In order to get you the best comparison and booking service for parking spots, we picked up, city by city, all existing parkings to allow you to compare them, benefit from exclusive offers and park effortlessly.

However, if you see a car park that does not appear in our database, please let us know, as we will immediately integrate it.

– Which added value can Neoparking me?

Neoparking is the best price comparator and reservation service for parkings in France. As such, we are able to offer you promotions and prices to almost 50 % less than their normal price!

To best meet your expectations, we chose to integrate all information received from our partners which makes parking easier and safer

Access plans, rates, hours, types of securities, services and more are described for each parking operator partners.

– Join the community!

Neoparking is not just another comparison and booking service, it is also a thriving community of 200,000 members who share, inform and help each other to find all the best parking deals. By joining neoparking.com and our social platforms, you can enjoy exclusive deals and information as well as support of a growing number of users motivated and fans of our customer service.

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II) Compare and book your parking space effectively and with simplicity

– Neoparking in France and Europe

For each city where Neoparking operates, we have rates significantly lower than those practiced when you park directly on site. Neoparking provides a reliable system of comparison and an efficient booking service in real time and online. With us, parking has been made simpler and safer.

– How to use our price and deals comparator

Our comparator is unique on the market and allows you to compare with just a few clicks all our promotional offers based on several criteria:

1 – first select your destination address,

2 – Then your arrival date and time,

3 – your date and time of departure,

4 – And finally, the type of vehicle you will drive in (vehicle whose height does not exceed 1.90 meters, vehicles whose size does not exceed 2.10 meters, two-wheeler)…

5 – It is done! Our comparator will automatically calculate and suggest you the best deals near to your selected address.

6 – Remember to refine your search based on your criteria of choice: location, price, travel time, views and VIP reservation to take advantage of an offer corresponding exactly to your needs!

– Conduct a search by location

To facilitate the search for our promotional offers, you can search parkings nearby a specific location. See at the bottom of each page of our website to find available locations.

– Conduct a search by arrondissement / districts (Paris only)

On our Paris website, (www.neoparking.com/en/paris/), you can perform a search for our best deals by districts! Go to the footer of our website to select your district under ” List of car parks of Paris”.

– Find a reservation for a particular parking

If you are looking for a specific parking, you have several options to do so:

1 – Enter in our comparator the exact address or the name of the desired parking

2 – Perform a search by arrondissement / districts (Paris only): see above

3 – Check the site www.parking-public.fr and enter the name of the parking of your choice to find the address and be redirected to our comparator

– Are promotional offers on this website valid permanently?

We are in constant contact with parking operators and we strive to ensure that information, services and rates found in our search engine correspond to the exact offer made by the parking operator in real time.

– What is the booking fee?

The booking fee corresponds to the involvement of Neoparking members to the booking and comparison system.

– What is the “Full refund insurance” option”?

The ” Full refund insurance” option allows you up to an hour before the start of your reservation to cancel it and receive a full refund of the amount you paid.

If this option was not selected during the payment of the reservation, the amount repaid in case of a cancelation that you would set aside at least one hour before arrival will be capped at 80% of the payment.

– How far in advance can I book?

Provided parking spots are still available at the moment of confirming your reservation, you can book up to just 5 minutes before your drive into your selected parking.

– How to do it once in front of the parking entrance:

With your printed voucher (unless otherwise stated on the booking voucher), your email / text confirmation, you can safely arrive at the parking entrance, and, in the manner specified on your NEOPARKING booking voucher:

1 – either enter the car park entrance and press your unique voucher code on the security pad. This code is located on your booking voucher.

2 – If the parking is equipped with a system for license plate recognition, you get in and out of the parking in an automated manner.

3 – or simply take your from the terminal at the entrance, and when getting out, call the park manager who will check the validity of your ticket along with the booking.

– Vehicles with trailer:

Each car has its specificities! In the search results, you can filter these criteria by selecting ” see details and map ” You will be then presented all the characteristics available to help you identify the option that best fits your vehicle.

In the particular case of a trailer, pricing is at the initiative of the parking operator, and you should contact them for more information. You can find their phone numbers at www.parking-public.fr website.

– Rent a parking space

To rent a box / location for more than a month, you can search on http://www.location-parking.com/.

– Contact an operator

Although all parking information is referenced on our website, sometimes one may need to contact the parking operator directly. To do so, you can try searching our website www.parking-public.fr.

III) Manage my account and bookings

– Why registering as a member?

On your first order, you will be asked to register. Indeed, Neoparking works with the following information:

1 – your billing address for sending your invoice.

2 – the recognition of the license plate and model of the vehicle to allow the parking manager to identify your vehicle.

3 – your email address and mobile number so that we can send you your booking voucher by email and text (one hour before your arrival), and allow the operator to contact you in case of problem (s) during your stay.

Being a member of NEOPARKING does not only give you discounts, you can also access priority reservations, and have your reservations preregistered for your next bookings. A real gain of time and money!

– How to create a member account

To create a Neoparking account and join our community, this is very easy! Visit the “Member Area” menu on the top right of our website and click on “Register”. You will have to fill in your personal details and your vehicle information into our form. Once you have subscribed to our Terms and Conditions and clicked “Submit”, you will receive a confirmation email of your account creation. Et voila! Welcome to the Neoparking community.

– I cannot log in to my account

Several reasons can explain your inability to login:

1 – The email / password is case-sensitive. Be sure to observe the uppercase and punctuation in your email address and password.

2 – The password and / or email is incorrect, in which case we recommend you to try all your emails and common passwords you use.

3 – If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address and click on the link ” Forgot your password? “. An email will be sent with your password for your Neoparking account.

4 – If however, you are still unable to connect, you can always contact us via the contact form here: Contact

– Edit my profile information

To change / edit your profile information from your, log in to your account from the ” Member Area ” menu and click ” Login.”

On the left on the box titled “My Account”, click “Edit your details ” to change your personal information.

– Change my password

To change your password, log into your account from the ” Member Area ” menu and click ” Login.”

On the left side, in the box titled “My Account”, click “Change Password.” You will then need to enter your old password and your new password and click “Update ” to confirm the change.

– Proceed to the payment of your reservation

To confirm your reservation and proceed to the payment, you must first go to your account and then click ” Proceed to Checkout.” Don’t worry, with Neoparking, you have all the safest means of payment the Internet has to offer!

1 – Payment by international credit card: Visa MasterCard

a. See Visa | Mastercard

2 – Payment by Paypal, intermediate site leader in online payments

a. See Paypal

– Modify / Cancel my reservation

To change your booking:

1 – go to your account and log in, then on your main personal page, click on “Edit my reservations ” in the central insert titled ” My Bookings “.

2 – or directly go on your booking page and in the voucher area on the right, click the link ” Modify Reservation “.

3 – To cancel your reservation, and in order to improve the flexibility of our service, we chose to implement a cancelation option for you so you can be refunded to the full amount you paid. This option is available when you are about to validate your booking. You can get more information about this above: ” What is the Full refund insurance” option? “.

– Delete Account Member:

According to European and US law, you have a strict right to rectification and deletion of your personal data. On request by email, we will proceed to the deletion of your account and the final disappearance of all your personal data without questioning.

– Neoparking credits? What is that?

Neoparking credits allow you to perform the payment of your reservation without having to go through a payment platform online.

Detail to all of our procedures is available from your member account on the ” Your credits ” link in the left side of the your personal page titled “My Account “.

To credit your account, you must enter in the first place the amount of your choice and then click “Send” to credit it via a secure payment platform online.

– My dates / hours of reservation don’t match my choice

If you find that the hours or dates listed on your confirmation email / voucher are inaccurate, please kindly let us know as soon as possible so that we can address the situation promptly: contact

– The guarantee of a parking spot

When you see a label titled ” Your spot is guaranteed”, this means that you automatically have a free parking spot for the whole duration of your booking. Thus, and even when the parking states to be fully booked, your place is and remains available.

– Multiple entries parking:

The option of multiple entries depends on each parking’s policies and will be clearly stated on your voucher.

– Can I arrive earlier and / or later out?

The vouchers issued by NEOPARKING are only valid for the reservation time indicated and paid. Beyond the allotted time, the operator of the parking charges the space occupied at the normal rate when you leave.

– Booking with several vehicles

To book several parking spaces, you must first register a vehicle associated with your first booking. Then re-book for each of your other added vehicles. You pay your reservation online and upon this payment, you will receive a confirmation email and a text an hour before your arrival with your entry code for each vehicle.

– Affiliations and Partnerships

Do you want to partner with our website? Propose ads or linking? Don’t hesitate! Go to the contact form here: contact

– A question or complaint? Contact us!

Indicate the reason for your request and explain briefly your question / complaint at: contact